FORGE is founded on breakthrough science forming new concepts in the control of infectious disease. The company is developing next generation Host-Targeted Antivirals based on a fundamental new discovery that human Sirtuin proteins are innate viral restriction factors. FORGE small molecule drugs enhance the innate role of Sirtuins to fend off diverse viral infections. Because Sirtuins are host proteins, viruses cannot readily accumulate mutations that disrupt the Sirtuin-targeted drug interaction, thereby minimizing the problem of acquired resistance associated with traditional Direct-Acting Antivirals that target virus proteins.

FORGE is an early-stage drug discovery company with a world-class scientific and development team. The company has implemented a focused business plan maximizing non-dilutive funding with broad pharma partnering opportunities. Learn More >>

    Latest News

    August 1, 2015: Dr. Eain Murphy joins FORGE Life Science as Head of Biology

    February 5, 2015: FORGE Life Science is awarded it's third grant from the NIH

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