FORGE Life Science is Changing its Name to Evrys Bio



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Next Gen Antivirals that engage the patient’s own immunity to naturally defend against viral infection without the emergence of drug resistance.

Traditional antivirals only treat a handful of life-threatening viruses

There are only twenty or so viruses we can defend against in a pandemic, leaving hundreds of viral infections that have no cure at all. The challenge with traditional antivirals and vaccines is they can only target one virus-type at a time and cannot defend against a virus’ ability to quickly evolve and develop drug-resistance.

FORGE takes a different approach. Unlike traditional therapies, FORGE antivirals target non-viral human proteins, known as sirtuins, enhancing their natural ability to fight powerful infections. Because sirtuins broadly inhibit different viruses simultaneously, FORGE antivirals address the entire infectious disease condition, not just a single virus-type. Furthermore, because sirtuins are non-viral human proteins, viruses cannot develop drug-resistance against sirtuin-targeted drugs, transforming the way we treat and cure viral infections today.

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Latest News

May 29, 2019: FORGE Life Science is changing its name to Evrys Bio. Read the press release.

January 9-11, 2017: FORGE to present at Biotech Showcase 2017 investor conference in San Francisco, CA.

October 20, 2016: BioCentury reports “Sirtuins forge ahead – How FORGE Life Science is targeting sirtuins to treat viral infections.”

September 20, 2016: FORGE named one of 2016’s Best University Startups

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